Christmas Appeal for Spiti Projects

As we have proudly talked about on this website, Spiti Projects has built a community centre in Kaza, the capital of the valley for which we received the UN Climate Change Award. In the centre, there is a room set aside specifically for use as an eye clinic/optician named The Maynes Rotary Eye Vision Centre Kaza. This is managed by The Rotary Eye Hospital in Palampur, Himachel Pradesh, North India.

Through our Christmas Appeal, we want to give the rural families, mostly subsistence farmers the opportunity to receive basic eye tests and to purchase reasonably priced specs. We believe that this will make a huge difference, making their day-to-day lives easier, preventing headaches, and future eye problems and to enjoy life a little more.

Following the eye test, people can then purchase 'off the shelf' specs at an economical cost.

We would love it if you could kindly support our Christmas Appeal by donating any amount from £5 to £200. This would be very much appreciated by all those in the valley who can no longer see the small print - like so many of us of a certain age!

Joullay - a Tibetan greeting!

To make your donation, please click the button below.

Our charity is committed to environmental and conservation issues and to helping improve the health, hygiene and general wellbeing of the people of the Spiti Valley.
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