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Improving the quality of life for the communities that live in the Spiti Valley

The History of the Spiti Projects Charity to the Current Day

The Spiti Projects Charity was set up by Joan Pollock in 1993. Joan started her career as a nurse and later moved onto the Travel business in the 1980s. In 1992 Joan was in visiting Manali, Himachel Pradesh, India. During her stay, a Doctor from the Lady Willingdon Hospital invited her to a slide show at the hospital on the Spiti Valley.

The valley had been closed to the outside world since 1959. Joan was overwhelmed by the beauty of this isolated valley and concerned to see the desolation of the people. When asked if she would help to raise money to build a hospital in Kaza, she was delighted and became totally committed to helping to improve the health, hygiene and general wellbeing of the local people of the valley.

Since then the charity has successfully built a Mission Hospital, Mane Village School and Mane Village Clinic. We have also set up a Child Sponsorship Scheme, a Mud Brick Project, and Knit for Spiti, creating opportunities for communities to get involved and participate in helping Spiti Projects grow.
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Spiti Tibetan Culture in a Modern World at
the Royal Geographical Society

Spiti Projects Events is proud to announce an exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society from 5th - 15th April 2024.

The exhibition SPITI TIBETAN CULTURE IN A MODERN WORLD is a journey through the remote high Himalayan Spiti Valley, which was closed for 32 years (1959 - 1992) when the Dalai Lama left Tibet. During this time the valley was a buffer zone between two great powers, and once the political situation relaxed the area reopened to tourism and foreign visitors.

Visit the exhibition for FREE
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 4pm

Go to our Events page to learn more.

Appeal for Spiti Projects

Please support our Appeal to provide basic eye tests and economically priced reading specs for the rural people of the Spiti Valley. Read more on our projects page.

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Thank you so much, from the team at Spiti Projects.

Pam Sidhu's interview with Joan Pollock

Joan Pollock discusses how her journey to support the community in Spiti began and how everything then evolved from building the hospital to the school, to setting up sponsoring the local children and then the building of the United Nations Award Winning Community Centre.

Joan also explains her relationship with the Dalai Lama and how important it is for him to be part of the journey within Spiti, which he visits regularly.

United Nations Climate Change Award for Low Carbon – Winner in 2016

We, in partnership with the Auroville Earth Institute, designed and built the Kaza Eco-Community Centre with key participation of villagers in Kaza and local earth craftsmen of the Spiti Valley, in India.

Our Supporter

Dalai Lama

Joanna Lumley Volunteer

Joanna Lumley


William Dalrympal

Our charity is committed to environmental and conservation issues and to helping improve the health, hygiene and general wellbeing of the people of the Spiti Valley.
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