Saga Dawa 2023 at Komic Monastery

Komic Monastery, also known as Tangyud Monastery is the situated at Komic village which is thought to one of the highest Buddhist monasteries in India, at an altitude of 4,520 metres (14,830 ft). Built around the early decades of the 14th century like a fortified castle on the edge of a deep canyon. Built with thick slanted mud walls and battlements with vertical red ochre and white vertical stripes which make them look much taller than they really are. After the earthquake of 1972, many repairs were needed to restore the building.

His Eminence Ngor Khangsar Shabdrung Rinpoche arrived at Tangyud Monastery in Komic, village to observe and celebrate the Saka Dawa’s full moon day on 4 June 2023. In Tibetan “Saga Dawa” is the name of the Holiest Festival in the Buddhist calendar and lasts a month. It is considered auspicious to make offering to the temple and do good deeds.

The date represents the Buddha’s birth in a Royal Palace. Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. Death at the age of 80 years, when He had completed his good deeds on earth.

His Eminence stayed there for two nights, at the monastery and bestowed the (Tadrin Hayagriva) empowerment on the devout Spiti inhabitants.  Hayagriva had a special ability is to cure diseases, especially skin diseases when times were bad and even as serious as leprosy, which was said to be caused by Nagas.

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