Spiti Sponsored Children Graduate

Spiti sponsored children graduate and head off to college!

It’s with great pride that we are able to report that 3 of our sponsored children will graduate from 12th grade (the equivalent of ‘A’ levels) this year with excellent grades.

One of the graduates, a young man has a place to study engineering in Dharamsala, but will be taking a year out first to help his family, before resuming his studies. He is so grateful to Spiti Projects and his sponsor, as with no father to support him, his sister and mother, plus not owning any land, he and his family were unsure if he would be able to receive an education.

Another young Spiti lad is off to study Accountancy at a college in Chandigarh. His brother is a monk and his mother works on the roads and will be living alone, as sadly her husband/ their father recently passed away. We are so pleased that once he qualifies, his aim is to return to the valley to work as an Accountant and support his mother.

The final student has been able to realise her dream of training to become a teacher. She worked so hard at school to achieve the grades she needed and we are thrilled that she will be off to enrol at Teacher Training College in Shimla.

We wish these 3 exceptional young people the very best as they embark on this new and exciting phase of their lives.

Sponsoring the education of a child from the valley is such a wonderful thing to do. We offer this opportunity to children of families who have no land that otherwise wouldn’t have much of an opportunity to improve their lives. An increasing number of our sponsored children are now attending college and will return to the valley with excellent prospects and skills to support their parents as they age. The valley is developing fast and there are many good opportunities for young graduates to find work and young Spitians are very happy to return to their roots and settle down.

If you would like to support a Spiti child’s education, it costs just £250 per annum for a 10 year period to ensure the child is able to complete their education fully. Please email Spiti Projects founder Joan Pollock on: info@spitiprojects.org for further information and details of how to sign up.

Thank you so much to all our child sponsors who make opportunities like these possible for the young people of the Spiti Valley and we look forward to bringing further updates.

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